Are you looking for a horse where Temperament is your Priority along with a solid education, lots of competition experience, super elastic feel and a pleasure to ride?

Here is your chance to own a superstar stallion and or riding horse with a superb temperament!

This gorgeous 8 year 16.2hh stallion is competing Prix St George training Grand Prix

An exceptional Licensed stallion combining genetics, temperament, form and movement.
ACE 036013254860210

The complete package – exceptional temperament, proven performance, Premium progeny, and world class movement and rideability. On the sire line, Rubinstein and Donnerhall converge in the impeccable Royal Hit (1c premium Oldenburg, dec). The dam sire (dec), with proven State/Paralympic progeny, combines Contact with Falkland Victory and Flaneur for the famous Holsteiner power and balance.

The rhythmic paces are at once elastic and powerful. Tyranny covers the ground effortlessly with his uphill conformation, free swinging shoulder and exalted hindleg. This young stallion is a gentleman in hand and at work, embodying an ideal character also evidenced in his dam and full sister. Attractive and impressive, a sire to enhance any breeder’s cachet.

LL Tyranny was licensed in 2016, scoring 79% under saddle and 75% over fences. His three correct and expressive paces all scored highly in his assessment, and have helped him consistently achieve scores in the 70s on the dressage arena, with many wins and championships! The pure quality of his paces is the ideal foundation for his expressive and balanced changes, laterals and extensions.

Tyranny has what his vet has described as the best semen quality she has ever seen. He is highly fertile, and an absolute gentleman to collect or cover in hand. In the stables and at competitions he is calm and happy to be housed and worked alongside mares, geldings and other stallions. His fantastic temperament passes on to his progeny, which are also very well formed, straight, expressive and correct moving, with 87.5% of his assessed foals scoring Premium or Elite.

A note from Ty’s trainer Nina Boyd –
I have had the privilege of riding/training LL Tyranny up through the grades, this stallions relaxed temperament gives him the work ethic and ground manners second to none!
His paces, elasticities, and suppleness come easy to him, these are all key points of the training scale that allow him to float effortlessly through his work.
LL Tyranny is an asset to the CPH competition team consistently winning at each level with scores over 70% and his very first Prix St George score was 69%

Price $150,000

Nina is riding in 

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June 19th, 2019